Sunday, 21 April 2013

Friendly Fashion Features - Found: Simplicity in Grunge and Shoe Addictions with Jess

Cold Shoulder Button Up by UNIF - from Karmaloop

Vintage Denim Jacket by Levi - eBay

What would a series of Friendly Fashion Features be without my wonderfully fashionable friend, and co-blogger (the Rose of A Rose and a Peony), Jess? If you're a regular reader of these pages then you'll probably know a fair bit about this gorgeous flower but this post is coming from me, Erin.

Acid Tank by UNIF - from Dolls Kill, High Waisted Black Jeans by BDG - from Urban Outfitters

Black Leather Belt - from American Apparel

I've known Jess for quite a long time and just like I watched Tara's style mature (see here), I've also seen Jess' do a similar thing. Our friendship was founded in a mutual love for musician Josh Pyke (and other Australian artists discovered on the floor of our choir room) and a yearly migration to Woodford Folk Festival. Both being lovers of live music, one could say nearly our entire wardrobes are built around the premise of wearability to gigs and festivals. 

Jess told me during this shoot that her style has morphed over the years into one more heavily based on pants and shorts; purely for practical and ease of wear reasons. And I would have to agree. She is also much more comfortable wearing and purchasing black, especially in winter, as it goes with everything and minimises potential clashes in day-to-day outfits. Her black obsession also allows her to purchase the occasional out there print or coloured garment and know that she has ample matches. 

High Waisted Shorts in Medium Wash - from American Apparel

Fishnet stockings - eBay

For this shoot, Jess styled two outfits. The first (including the initial layering) is something she would wear on a more casual basis - probably to uni and just general 'getting around'. You then see how easily her outfit transitions for a night time outing. It isn't super dressy but, here in Brisbane, you could easily get away with this on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night. All of these garments are a classic representation of Jess' style. Individually, they're all able to styled to suit any outfit or occasion. Put them together, and the options are  still endless. 

Watch - Seiko, Bracelet - eBay, Rings - Woodford and a Pawn Shop, Leather Feather Tie - Woodford

Jess likes to accessorise in a similar way to how she dresses. Simple, basic and easy to wear are her normal requirements. You'll notice the simplicity of the items she's wearing in the photo above. The rings and Seiko watch are her jewellery staples. Sterling silver offers a comfortable stability when it comes to putting jewellery on everyday. The other pieces you'll see are a reflection of most of her jewellery and accessory collection. Simple metals that are either subtle or spiked. Jess loves her spikes. 

Creepers by T. U. K. - from Karmaloop

Now I might be stating the obvious here but Jess has a sliiiight shoe addiction. Choosing the two she picked for this piece was apparently quite a challenge (not even surprised). I believe these to be two of her favourite styles, if not favourite shoes. The T.U.K. Creepers took her so long to wear in, they would have to be one of her most favoured pairs. The creeper style is definitely high up on Jess' list (see unboxings here and here). Jeffrey Campbell's Litas are also a big winner; even in my style book. These Blue Patent Lita Grads are such a nice injection of colour in Jess' wardrobe. 

Lita Grad in Blue Patent by Jeffrey Campbell - from Urban Outfitters

Being a shoe addict, splurges are probably an expectation. Jess says this can sometimes be expected in her regular wardrobe too. Ordinarily though, her most expensive pieces are well thought out and purchased for their high quality and brand reliability. For example, there is a high percentage of her wardrobe filled with Jeffrey Campbell, UNIF and American Apparel. Jess trusts these brands and doesn't mind forking out a bit extra for guaranteed quality. 

As you may have noticed, the combination of Jess' styling preferences lead to a rather grunge-y appearance. Of course this is intentional but I also feel it is also the result of honing down all of her styling preferences: mostly black, easy to wear, practical clothes combined with large statement shoes. That leads to a few specific styles but none more fitting, for a child of the 1990s, than grunge. 

Think about your style for a moment. How much is it influenced by comfort, laziness, obsession or attraction to colours? I know my style could be picked apart in a very similar way.

Erin xx

Ps. If you're not sure what this post is based on click here :)


  1. yesssssssssssss i love love that jacket! so badass.


    1. Cheers eBay I'd way cheaper than vintage stores for Levi jackets

  2. This look is great :) I love the Lita's, they are different to most other peoples :)

  3. Omg those lita's are amazing!! I have never seen them before they are so pretty :)




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