Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Desires: Autumn Winter

Down here in the Southern Hemisphere we're headed into our 'cooler' (inverted commas because it's still fairly tropical) months. It's also been a long while since I've craved many items or been in a position to purchase them. Soon enough I shall be looking for extra items to add to my Autumn/Winter wardrobe and I've laid out a few for you here. Like most winter wardrobes there aren't a whole lot of colours to be seen but my staple clothing is normally fairly colourful and will be mixed in throughout the season.

First we have two fairly similar pairs of shoes. The pair on the left are the Leonola Platform Sandal from Nasty Gal. I find that a lot of flatform sandals, currently on the market, have only a few straps that hold your feet in. After the tragic death of my favourite flatforms (which had less than three straps to secure my feet) I have decided that a sandal must have a minimum of four straps across my feet before I will consider a purchase. These are exactly that. Also, they're black, have closed in heels and soft-grunge-esque buckles. Win!

However, they are a fair bit more pricey than the shoes on the right. Dr Martens have released an awe-inspiring collection of sandals for the northern summer. Jess and I want practically every pair between us (watch out for her unboxing of a pair). Here in Australia, we can wear sandals all year round and yet they won't make it to our shores til December. Very very sad. So, ordering them online is my only option - always scary when dealing with shoes. But nevertheless I shall probably purchase them very soon as I have been ogling them for long enough. 

The three items of clothing you see are fairly plain but at the moment, I don't have a great desire for any particular 'in-styles'. The floral embroidered shirt dress you see on the left is mainly just an explanation of the style I am after. I love embroidery alongside buttons and collars and I'm also trying to get into drop-waists. I feel like this is such a classic style for a winter dress and would require not a whole lot more layers in a Brisbane winter. 

In the middle you see a pair of BDG Denim Overalls from Urban Outfitters which are, again, just an explanation of the style I am after. I do love these ones but I find that, like shoes, overalls are something that you need to try on before you buy. The perfect fit between the waist and thighs is something that can vary very easily even with provided measurements. 

The last garment is something I will probably buy. It's fairly affordable for a River Island Piece and I am definitely keen on this Long Sleeve Striped Crop Top. Yes I am subscribing to the fashion world's rekindled love for the 90s crop but who cares, they're groovy and thats all that matters. 

My Clinique obsession is quickly becoming blindingly obvious as several of the items I mentioned in my makeup staples post are popping up here. The Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder, Quickliner for Eyes Intense, and High Impact Mascara are all mentioned in that post and are just makeup basics that I desire most right now. My love for Clinique is all written about there, so go have a look if you don't believe me. 

The two lipsticks are things I know I don't need but would love to have. Absurd colours just seem to look nice on my lips. I guess it's the lack of any other colour in that region (read as I have translucent skin). A pal lent me No She Didn't for a wear a while ago and I've craved it ever since. Whilst browsing the Lime Crime website for that particular shade, I also came across Chinchilla and became slightly obsessed with that too. 

And those are my biggest desires right now. I'll update you if, and when, I purchase any of these items and probably give them a quick review too.

Hope you all had a snazzy Easter weekend and got super sick from too much chocolate.

Erin xx

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