Friday, 26 April 2013

OOTD Crushed Velvet

 Shirt Romwe / Denim Vest NastyGal / Belt American Apparel / Leggings Romwe / Shoes T.U.K. Mondo Creepers

 Hi lovelies! Another outfit post today. This was what I wore to uni on Wednesday. For classes I like my outfits to be casual, comfortable, yet still look put together. I am never going to be the girl wandering round campus in my pyjamas (it happens). 

Before this legging purchase I was firmly in the 'I Hate Leggings' camp. I've seen too many girls wandering around not knowing that their leggings are in fact see-through. This pair have changed my mind. I have been eyeing them up on Romwe for ages, but I was wary of the quality. Eventually a 40% off coupon landed in my email inbox and I took the risk. I am pleased to report these leggings are 100% opaque, and ridiculously comfy to boot. 

Because you can't just buy one thing when you're online shopping I also picked up the shirt as well. It's a nice basic to have and I can see myself pairing this with a lot of my wardrobe. A word of caution the shipping from Romwe isn't the quickest, it took me just under 3 weeks to receive my order. If you need something from their site in a hurry then I'd recommend paying the extra for quicker shipping. 

The denim vest pictured above is both a jacket and a gilet (try saying that one quickly). The sleeves are detachable and it's making me wish I could do that to all my jackets. I love the print of the jacket. It's a bold print and I am regretting not getting the matching jeans that have since sold out. I think this is a great print to clash with other prints as the black base means it can be easily paired. 

I'm still not entirely pleased with the photos. But the only time I had to take the pictures was in the blinding early morning sun, so if they're a little off I apologise. I am off to work now. Wish me luck for my 9 hour shift, ugh. I think I will be in need of a bubble bath when I get home. 

Jess x 


  1. This is a lovely outfit, I really do love you style :)
    Jessica x

  2. This outfit is so perfect. I looove the nastygal jacket and so regret not buying it when I saw it x

    1. haha I know how you feel. I wish I had bought those jeans
      Jess x

  3. love the top! and the leggins! perfect outfit!! x



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