Sunday, 28 April 2013

Maybelline New York Master Precise Liquid Liner Review

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I know this product is no spring chicken and that nearly every man and his dog has had their say on it BUT that's not going to stop me from doing this post. I use black liquid liner almost everyday - the only days I don't are those spent in bed. Having a heavy block fringe I feel naked and washed out when I don't have something to define where my hair stops and my eyes start. With those two things being said I require a liquid liner with impecable wearability, a felt tip for easy and precise application, and a price that won't make me choke every time I need a new one (which is quite often). 

After seeing Maybelline New York's Master Precise liquid liner reviewed so well by bloggers (including Jess) and noticing that I was running out of my Maybelline New York Line Stiletto I thought I would try a new product. To be honest, I wasn't the biggest fan of the Line Stiletto product. I enjoyed the felt tip applicator but I feel it could have been better executed - it's no L'Oreal Super Liner that's for sure. I hoped by the time I had finished my product that I could find the Master Precise liquid liner at a good price and that I did - $9.00 from Terry White Chemist. 

Okay, now onto the important part: the review. After using this product for two weeks I can safely say that I'm a fan. It's not the best liquid liner on the market but it certainly does a good job. The tip certainly took some getting used to as it is much finer than what I'm used to, however, it allows for a much more precise line. 

Jess gave me the heads up before I started using it that it works like a pen and needs to be stored tip down to ensure you don't run out mid-application.

Wearability wise is almost perfect. For a thin to medium line it wears nearly all day (about 8 hours). If you're after something slightly thicker it will probably begin to smudge on the your upper lid and not look so attractive - I found that out for myself. 

All in all I this is a fairly recommendable product especially for everyday wear. If you look around it's normally available at a good price and will probably last quite a while if you treat it right. 

Thats all for today folks, you should have another instalment of Friendly Fashion Features to read on Wednesday.

Erin xx

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  1. I might have to buy this, I normally wear gel liner but Ive almost ran out and I think its time for a change :)

    Jessica x



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