Monday, 11 March 2013

Jeffrey Campbell 99 Ties

 Hi Lovelies! Today I'm doing a review of the shoes that started it all. The Jeffrey Campbell 99 Ties in Red Glitter. These were my very very first ever pair of Jeffreys and what a pair I chose (if I do say so myself). Almost two years later these are still my favourite pair of JCs and I often will take them out of their box just to stare at them. 

Before I discovered Litas I was browsing on Solestruck and saw these shoes. They were red, they were shiny and they were on sale. They immediately went into my shopping cart and I've never looked back. 

I will say that these are not the comfiest of JCs. I would never usually wear them without socks to cover my ankles. The first time I wearing them I made that mistake and the glitter swiftly cut through my skin. Other than that though the wedge is a respectable 4-inches with a  1-inch hidden platform so in terms of walkability these are top notch. 

These are also not the most hard-wearing of JCs. I have varnished the shoes in order to preserve the glitter and if you ever decide to purchase a pair of glitter shoes I would suggest you do the same. I still worry however about wearing them on wild nights out as I wouldn't want to scrape any of the glitter off through clumsiness. 

But those faults are more than made up for by the appearance of the shoe. They are stunning. I have literally been chased down the street by someone wanting to know where I bought them from. They are my shoe that I can put on and instantly feel awesome. And should the occasion ever arise I have the most important part of a Dorothy costume ready. 

So even though I don't wear them as often as I should, I could never part with these shoes. I don't know if JC still produce these shoes, but should you ever stumble across a well-preserved pair on eBay they are well worth it.  

Jess xx

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