Sunday, 31 March 2013

Good Food, Good Company

It's Sunday and I would normally be bringing you a new recipe but today I felt like sharing with you my review on two of Brisbane's finest (and very different) establishments. My mum came up to Brisbane on Thursday for a bit of an Easter getaway/return-to-home-town holiday. We've spent the last few days together and have done some fine eating in that time. Thursday afternoon we were in the Fortitude Valley and I decided it was high time I tried the hippest new (new is debatable) establishment in the area, Alfred and Constance.

As expected, this new cafe/restaurant/bar combination is a much needed chilled addition to 'the valley' scene. Housed in a classic Queenslander (the typical home built circa 1900 is this tropical state) the vintage-probably-more-retro decor is comfortable and not overdone. For lunch, the food and service is friendly, casual and simply delicious. It's not overly fancy and fiddly, the food is wholesome, tasty and anything but bland - like a meal from your mother (well, I don't know about you but at least from my mother). 

I enjoyed a spicy beef mince with cornbread muffin while Mum had some more colour on her plate with a potato fish cake and side salad. I also sipped on a super thirst quenching delight they called a 'fruit salad frappe'. Devine! The coffee report was also positive considering Mum ordered a double shot and received a triple (it was much needed). 

That evening we caught up with my older brother and had a nice family (sans one) meal at My Thai. Our family has a strong penchant for spicy food and this is one restaurant where intense hits of chilli is guaranteed. The food you see here is the appropriately named  the 'Aussie Cry Beef Salad' which takes you to a new level of spice consumption. To quote my brother, it was euphoric. I can't quite agree but my mouth was numb for some time, that is for certain. Spice aside, all of the food here is incredibly tasty, the service is fantastic and prompt and it isn't outrageously expensive. 

The more I post the more obvious this will become but I do have a passion for good good food. If you're in Brisbane and looking for food or a venue along these lines, definitely give either or both a try. 

Enjoy! Erin xx

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