Sunday, 10 March 2013

OOTD Double the Denim, Double the Denim


High Waisted Jeans - Thrifted, Chambray Shirt - Thrifted, Ribbon Rose Headband - Tara's Creations, FoReal Holographic Flatforms - Wittner, Red Nail Polish 'Tomato' - Sportsgirl Nail It!

I'm back in Brisbane! Well actually I returned on Wednesday but I had no exciting Brisbane news to accompany my hair obsessions post. I do now though. The lovely Jess snagged me a sneaky op shop present while I was away in Melbourne. Just like a good addicted op shopper she couldn't leave these amazing jeans even if they were too big for her. I have another pair similar but in a different wash and slightly baggier fit and so this is a very welcome addition to my slowly expanding denim collection. When I tried them on I instantly knew that it was time for me to attempt a double denim outfit and share it with you all. 

This chambray shirt has been serving me well for a long time. Its one of my all time favourite op shop bargains - thank you very much $1 rack at The Red Cross charity store. It's light enough to wear during the summer and provides that sun protection that pasty skinned people like myself need. If you ever find one for a bargainous price (like Honor did two weeks back: see post) I highly recommend picking it up. They are forever useful and go with anything and everything. 

Now, a really special part of my outfit, as you may have noticed, is the beautiful burgundy headband. One of my dearest friends, Tara, has a knack for making cute-as-pie roses out of satin ribbons. She also took these photos for me - another plus of returning to Brisbane is being able to utilise friends' mad skills. These rose headbands come in an array of colours and if you would like one for yourself you can pick one up at her Etsy store here

I've already done a post on my Fo Real Holographic flatforms so I won't go into too much detail. However, I do have to bandage up my feet quite hectically to wear them for an extended period of time. But like most people who love their shoes, I can deal with a bit of discomfort for a whole lot of shiny silver shoe. 

Anyway, this was what I wore all day yesterday. Hanging out with Tara, hunting for 21st venues with my galpal Lini, and warming Dylan's new home with lots of cider and fun times. Hope you've all had a splendid weekend too.

Erin xx

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