Monday, 25 March 2013

OOTD - It is now my duty to completely drain you...

 Flannel Shirt UNIF / Striped Shirt American Apparel / Shorts DIY Levi's / Shoes Jeffrey Campbell Tardys

Today's outfit post now with 90% more grunge. I am a big big fan of the 90s. Just as an era in general. The fashion, the music, the toys (tamagotchis anyone?), the cartoons. Grunge clothing is often stereotyped today, and I fear I am not doing much to deter that. I am definitely channeling Kurt Cobain today. I just love how effortless a style it is and how comfy it is to wear everyday. I must admit I took my Tardys off before I left and threw on my Converse that have holes worn into them. 

The tee you have all seen in a previous post, but I refuse to become a blogger that feels as though they can never re-wear what they've already posted. Sadly my pockets are not bottomless and you will see basics like this crop up again and again. 

The shirt from UNIF is probably one of my star buys from last year. I was hunting through charity shops for months searching for the perfect blue plaid, only to be disappointed every time. It makes for the perfect throw over in summer and I suspect will be an awesome layering piece this winter. The cheeky shoulder cut-outs are also a nice touch. 

The Tardys have been a staple shoe in my collection, but I have photographed up a post dedicated to those for Friday so you shall have to tune in then. 

Righto I am off then to tackle my assignments whilst listening to angry guitars. Bliss

Jess xx 


  1. awesome look! You remind me of a female kurt cobain. I'm inspired for the summer :)

    we kinda have the similar style you can check out my blog here

    1. Haha best compliment ever! Thanks for reading!
      Jess x



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