Monday, 18 March 2013

OOTD - Dressing Up

 Crop Top UNIF / Skirt Ra Ra Superstar / Watches (L to R) Thrifted, Seiko, Boy London / Shoes Jeffrey Campbell Brazen Hologram

In the interests of full disclosure I did not wear this outfit out of my house, or off of my verandah as the case may be. I spent my day at uni in jeans and a jumper, but I though this was a far more interesting alternative. I woke up today with an urge to dress up. There aren't many opportunities in student life to wear clothing like this. I am however going with the mother to the Russian Ballet in the not to distant future and I have a sneaking suspicion this may be my outfit of choice. 

The skirt is beautiful. Sadly it is a little extreme for day to day wear and has only been worn out on one occasion by me. The pattern is made of velvet and I love the double layers to the skirt. It also holds its shape which I have had trouble finding in a skirt like this before. If I ever go to a rockabilly or Grease-themed party I will find some way of wearing this skirt. I bought it from RaRa Superstar a Brisbane-based vintage boutique, but there is an online store here

The crop top was a bargain snapped up in a NastyGal sale a couple of months back. I believe it was exclusive to Nasty Gal, but there may be one floating about eBay. I really love houndstooth as a print. For one its monochrome, which if you haven't guessed I am a big fan of and two I think it's a print that can be mixed well with other prints. The spikes around the collar aren't too noticeable from a distance, but it does save me the bother of finding a necklace to wear in the morning. 

As for the excessive watch wearing. I honestly did it because I could. I love stacked bangles and since two of the watches don't actually work this is pretty much the same thing. I remember seeing this on a blog ages ago and always wanting to try it, but it always being too hot to wear an armful of metal. 

The shoes are my JC Brazen Holgrams which I have blogged about here. I still find them a little "topple-y" (definitely a word) for wearing out on the town. As someone who prefers a heel that fully encloses and supports my foot these are a bit of a change from the norm. 

Anywho that is my fantasy outfit for the day. Sadly this look would acquire far too many odd looks if were to wear it round campus so for now it shall be reserved for my balcony. 

Does anyone else get the urge to dress up just for the hell of it?

Jess xx

P.S. If anyone hasn't listened to the new David Bowie album what are you doing with your life? Hurry and get listening it's fantastic

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  1. really great outfit, love that top with that skirt, it's really stylish <3



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