Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Travel | London #2

Hi lovelies! Here is round two of photographs. Springtime in London is just beautiful, with all the trees just starting to come back to life after winter. I loved the mixture of old and new architecture throughout London. Such an interesting contrast.

Probably one of my favourite days was a beautiful day out with one of my aunts. We went to the Victoria and Albert Museum where there was a stunning exhibition on the evolution of Italian fashion. Perfect for me! All of the above photos are from Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. I went a bit nuts with the nature photos but I couldn't resist. Kensington Palace was empty however, as Will and Kate were over in Australia.

The last shots are taken in a bar made entirely of ice! Definitely not the sort of thing you'd find in Brisbane. It was such a cool experience, sitting wrapped up in a cape sipping cocktails out of ice glasses. It's a pop up bar, but if you get the opportunity it was a fab experience. Afterwards we went for some of the best Indian I've ever had at Dishroom, so tasty!

After some serious culling I somehow still have one more round of photos to post. As I said before the majority of these photos were taken with my 50mm f1.4 lens. The trip has made me realise just how versatile the 50mm prime lenses are. Such a good investment. 

Jess x 

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