Monday, 12 May 2014

Travel | London #1

Hi lovelies! As I was going through my photos from England I realised just how many I had taken. Over 500 before editing. I simply can't just only 20 to show you, even if some of the shots do feature a random tourist's head. Above was my trip down Carnaby St. I of course was there for the shopping, and check out how beautiful the interior at the Monki store is! 

The Liberty building is absolutely stunning. The contrast between the black and white wood makes it really stand out. The beautiful flower stalls outside also made for a few pretty snaps. 

 I also strolled all around Covent Garden, Westminster Abbey and Houses of Parliament. And the gilded gates of Buckingham Palace were beautiful in the sun. 

Can't get over how blue the sky was. I didn't even have to retouch these photos. Sadly it was a bit drizzly for my second week. 

Rounding out day number one was a boat ride down the river. For any of you wondering I took all of the above photos on my Canon 50mm f1.4 lens. Whilst I also took my zoom lens with me I often tend to favour the 50mm because of the clarity and its ability in low light. 

Truth be told I also kind of like the challenge of using a prime lens at times. It forces you to move to get your shot, rather than simply zooming in. 

Enough camera from me, but I'll post another round of photos soon.

Where have you travelled to recently?

Jess xx

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