Thursday, 15 May 2014

Review | Soap and Glory Kick Ass Mini-Haul

As you know, Jess recently took a trip to England and being the wonderful friend she is, took a tiny order of beauty goodies that are sadly not sold in Australia. Before we get started, I apologise for breaking the number one rule of beauty blogging and using these products before I took photos; I simply didn't have time and wanted to trial them! I did get more products than this but these are two skin products I requested from Soap and Glory. 

Since hearing of the Kick Ass Concealer I have hoped it would be a cheaper dupe for Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concealer Kit. I think the concealer duo concept should definitely be taken on by more drug store brands because it is a great way to get equal quality products that are designed to work well together. I also really like colour options for different areas of my face. The consistency is similar to that of Bourjois' Happy Light Concealer. I have found the longevity of these products combined to great too. The setting powder definitely aids the long wear of the cream product. Highly recommend this product if you can get your hands on it. 

One Heck of a Blot was not something I desperately wanted but I thought it would be worth trying. I have enjoyed using it for the past week but I'm not going to be distraught when I hit pan and run out. It is quite similar to Rimmel London's Stay Matte Powder but probably wears for a bit longer. It also has a strange scent that I've not smelt in any other product; it might be common but I can't define it. If you're in a need of a matte powder I'd give this one a go but I couldn't recommend it over any other that I've used (which really isn't that many). 

All in all I am pretty content with these two purchases. I cannot wait for Soap and Glory to bring their makeup line to Australia. I love their body products and would love to try their eye liner and mascara too. 

Happy Wednesday! 
Erin xx

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