Friday, 9 May 2014

Shopping | Duty Free Purchases

Hi lovelies! So it's been a long time since I have bought anything from Mac. The pricing in Australia is marked up so much compared to everywhere, and I often can't justify the cost. However whilst waiting for my flight in Heathrow the significant savings drew me in. They aren't anything too out there, but I've recently been loving using both for a quick look for university.

MAC Prolong Wear Eyeshadow in 'Uninterrupted' This is the first time I have used an eyeshadow from the prolong wear line. The warm camel colour drew me in. I have been wearing this lightly through the crease for a little definition, or blended all over the eye in an 'Olsen' like fashion. If you're feeling a matte, grungey eye look then I have been loving wearing this with loads of mascara and strong brows. It's worth mentioning that these eyeshadows are slightly more expensive than their regular line, but you do get more product for your money. 

MAC Lipstick in 'Taupe' The matte section has always been my favourite finish by MAC. Although I own quite a few of the bold and bright colours I had never really looked into the  matte nudes. I think I'll always be a bold lip girl, but as a lipstick addict I really 'needed' something simple to through on. Again I was drawn in by a 90s vibe from this lipstick. It's quite brown in tone, but once it's on the lips I love it. As an added bonus it looks great with my new eyeshadow as well. Whilst I have been experimenting more with glosses, a matte finish will always win me over.

I think I was pretty restrained when it came to my duty free purchases all in all. Did you know there is a Zara in Heathrow airport? 

What is on your list to buy from MAC?


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