Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Playlist | Don't Argue and Fight

I really enjoy making playlists at the moment. I find that sometimes I get stuck into albums and obsess over them so much that I find myself hearing similarities in themes, lyrics and melodic patterns. Again, I am totally in love with my subscription to Spotify because not only does it let offer suggestions that sound like my current musical obsessions it also lets me look up musicians that I might have removed from the music collection on my iPhone. When suddenly reminded of old favourite artists by similar tunes, voices and lyrics it is so satisfying to be able to listen to their whole discography at the click of a button.

This playlist is a combination of love and new discoveries. My current obsessions are fairly mystic in their sounds - London Grammar and Timber Timbre - which both reminded my ears of old loves Bertie Blackman and Emiliana Torrini.

This music is great for lazy nights in painting your nails and doing lots of nothing. I also find it quite nice to listen to first thing in the morning whilst dressing and doing my makeup. 

Erin xx

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