Sunday, 16 February 2014

Life | Local Farmers Markets

In step with one of Jess' recent posts, and life choices, I too have been lugging my camera around with me more often in hope of capturing more interesting parts of my life. One of my favourite ways to buy my fruit and vegetables is to head off early in the morning on a Sunday and pick up fresh bargains at my local farmers markets. 

My local markets are held at The Mount Gravatt Show Grounds and are super close but always really fruitful; pun definitely intended. These particular markets are half fresh food and half flea markets. 

I really enjoy shopping from local markets because the quality of the food is great but also a lot cheaper. I am also a big believer in shopping from the source and try to avoid buying from big grocery suppliers as much as possible. The more money we can keep in small businesses, like those as farmers markets, the better. 

Obviously, as a keen thrifter I am also shamefully pulled in by the flea markets where you can find a plethora of random goodness as well. 

If you're anywhere on the south-east side of Brisbane I would recommend heading down one Sunday morning. They aren't the biggest markets but they definitely have everything you need to avoid the hustle and bustle of the commercial supermarkets. And if you're elsewhere, check out your local markets - I can guarantee you won't regret it. 

Erin xx


  1. You didn't put up the photo of the old dude trying to sell half a packet of second hand floppy disks!



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