Tuesday, 18 February 2014

At Home | Jewellery Organisation

I spent my most recent Saturday partaking in one of my favourite past times; scouring the plethora of Op shops that Brisbane's bayside has to offer. I wasn't really hunting for anything particular but I did stumble across some great finds. Two of those finds have been most useful in creating a little more order in my chaotic hoarder life. 

The first is a small decorative bowl, something one can never have enough of (says the thrift hoarder). Initially, I had planned to use this bowl to collect loose change (as a saving mechanism) but I've never been the kind of person to take the loose change out of their purse - my coin purse is just too damn cute! The usefulness of the second item really cemented that that sky blue bowl would be the perfect accompaniment for openly storing my often-worn jewellery. 

The second item is, surprise surprise, a beautiful glass ring dish. My dear friend Ruby found this first but after having second thoughts she willingly relinquished the $2 beauty to me. As most of my rings and earrings are sterling silver or very subdued shades I knew that they would sit amongst the reflections of the glass in beautifully. It is also encouraging me to change my earring more often as they are so much more accessible to me during day-to-day grooming at my dresser. 

This isn't all I found in my adventure but I will be sure to share the rest with you at a later date. How do you organise your everyday jewellery? 

Erin xx

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