Wednesday, 20 November 2013

OOTD | Riverside Frenchie

Frenchie Dress - Dissh / Chambray Shirt - thrifted / Black Riding Boots - Greg Grant Saddelry

The lack of excitement in the appearance of today's fairly nautical outfit is made up for in excitement for the comfort it offers. Feeling overly repetitive wearing only skirts and t-shirts to work everyday, I have been searching for a dress in this style for the last few months. Something made from lightweight fabric in a flattering cut but also long enough to be acceptable to wear to work. I've stumbled across this and another in recent weeks and am eagerly awaiting others to appear on my shopping horizon. This one also comes in opposite colored stripes and I am so tempted to snap it up as well. 

A staple all throughout the year, my favourite chambray shirt helped me out on a few colder than expected days this week. I couldn't recommend having anything in your wardrobe as much as I do one of these; simple, casual, perfect. 

I've had a pretty big obsession with braiding my hair lately. Mainly because of the crimp aftermath that I am enamoured with. Expect a lot more braids because this obsession shan't be ending soon. 

Hope everyone's weeks are going well and that no one has too terrible a case of Wednesday-itis. Keep me posted if you find any dresses like this that I may like. 

Erin xx

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