Friday, 8 November 2013

Review | Australis Velour Lips

 From L to R: Australis Velour Lips in 'MA-LI-BOO' and 'TO-KI-O'

 Hi lovelies! It's barely a week into November and what was the first beauty product I bought? Lipsticks! Two in fact. Despite the ludicrous number of lipsticks I own there was definitely room for these two.

They are the latest release from Australis called Velour Lips. Claiming to be a long-wearing, highly pigmented, matte lip colour of course I was interested. I managed to track down these two colours and after some testing here are my thoughts. 

These wear much the same as other forms of liquid lipsticks with fantastic staying power. Even after eating and drinking there was only a small amount of fading with both colours. I also found that the colours did stain my lips and thus wore off relatively evenly without too much of the flaking that can be associated with liquid lipsticks. 

As the Velour Lips are a matte formula it's best to make sure that your lips are in good condition before application. Throughout the day I didn't find them to be any more drying than a standard matte lipstick. If your preference isn't for a matte finish though it might take some getting used to. 

What I was really pleased by was the colour range released. Despite there only being 5 shades I think Australis have made some bold choices. As well as the neon pink and purple, there is a classic red, a nude, and a neon coral. Often less expensive brands will opt for an easy-to-sell banal colour selection, but it's exciting to see Australis bucking the trend. Whilst I love these products I will probably stick to these two as I already own similar colours from other brands. Hopefully more colours will get released in the future. 

If you've been reading this blog for awhile you'll know that I am a big fan of liquid lipsticks, I have reviewed both the Lime Crime Velvetines and the Hourglass Opaque Rouges on the blog previously and the Velour Lips compare surprisingly well. All apply with doe foot applicators and have heavy levels of pigmentation. The Hourglass is slightly more comfortable to wear in my opinion, but the colour range is more classic. My ultimate dream is for Lime Crime to expand the Velvetine shade range. 

I think that $9.95 for a vegan-friendly lipstick that performs much the same as more expensive alternatives is a steal. If you can find them in stock in a Priceline near you I would highly recommend giving them a go. 

Would you rock these colours?

Jess xx


  1. Ahhhh these look so nice!
    Did you manage to track them down at the Priceline in the Brisbane mall??

    The purple shade is a perfect match for your hair ;)

  2. Yeah just the priceline on queen st :) they're definitely worth a try



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