Sunday, 24 November 2013

At Home | Thrifted Wares

It has been quite some time since I did an 'At Home' post. Over the last two or three months I have continued collecting bits and pieces I've seen in op shops. I normally want everything I see (its always such a bargain!) but I do try and limit myself to one item per visit. Another tactic I use to prevent my house filling up way too quickly is to find a need for it in my life before heading anywhere near the counter. 

I'll start with the least useful of the items that I've picked up recently. This tall glass jar mainly sits on top of my bookshelf but is nicest used as a vase for small bunches of long stemmed flowers. The glass is rather worn and scummy at the base but the cork top drew me and I couldn't resist. The cork also adds interest to the piece so it doesn't look completely useless when empty. I found this is my local Life Line for $2.50.

I spent a long time looking for the perfect jug (only after not buying one I really wanted and regretting it) and this one isn't perfect but its close. It will suffice nicely for delicious summer concoctions like Jess' ice tea recipe and many delicious others. This is one of the more expensive of my find at $8 from the Vinnies in West End. 

The next two items are the most useful of this collection. The first is probably fairly obviously used to store my large cooking utensils i.e. tongs, wooden spoons, spatula etc. I also found this one at my local Life Line for $2.50. The smaller stoneware ex-sugar bowl has been repurposed as a holder for some of my smaller make-up brushes (also found at Life Line for 50c). I am always looking up for different looking containers to use for storage in my home and these two definitely fit the bill. 

Thats all the home-wares I've found thrifting in the last few months. I continuously pick up random bits and bobs so I'll make this a regular post every now and again to recap my finds. As I always say, it is amazing what you can find if you just look. 

Erin xx

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