Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Review | Benfit's Gimme Brow vs. Australis' Tint My Brow

 From L to R: Benefit's Gimme Brow in Light/Medium and Australis' Tint My Brow in Blonde

Hi lovelies! It's a double post from me today as unfortunately Erin has gone and caught tonsillitis for her 21st birthday. Whilst she's recovering you get the pleasure of reading about my addiction to all things eyebrow related. You may not know, but I work at a cafe which means horrifically early mornings. Whilst I don't usually bother with much makeup for work, I do feel a little bit naked without my eyebrows filled in. In order to gain a few extra minutes in bed I was on the hunt to a speedy brow routine that I could do whilst half asleep. 

I decided the way to go would be a tinted brow gel. Because I like to be thorough I bought two different ones and I thought I would let you know my opinions on both. First up is the obvious difference - the price. Here the Australis Tint wins hands down. $9.95 is a lot easier to stomach than $32. 

The shade range in the Australis is broader with three shades as opposed to two. If your hair is a medium brown then you might find yourself better off with the Australis in Light Brown. I found both products to be a fairly good match for my eyebrows with the Benefit shade being a touch ashier and more natural looking.

In terms of longevity I didn't experience any problems with either product. Both gels held my brows on place, even over lengthy work shifts.

You may have noticed one major difference from the above photos, and that's the size of the applicator brush. Australia's gel has a huge mascara-like brush that holds far too much product on it. Because of this I find that you have to be extremely cautious during application or you'll end up with clumps of brow gel. Not a particularly natural look.

For this reason alone I would recommend the Benefit gel over the cheaper alternative. The tiny brush allows complete precision and creates a natural brow in seconds. It's a product I can use when I am only half awake and it still turns out well. 

I shall continue to use the Australis Tint My Brow, but just wipe off the excess product on a tissue. With a bit more time it is still possible to get a great effect with this product.

What is your favourite product when you have to run out the door?

Jess xx

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