Sunday, 8 December 2013

OOTD | Feed Me Diamonds

High Waisted Burgundy Short - Lollipop via Princess Polly / Lace T-Shirt - Thrifted / Glitter Cat Eye Sunglasses - ASOS / Stereo Sandals in white - London Rebel

I love how simple touches can make a super simple t-shirt and shorts outfit dressy enough for a night out. Layering my lace top over a dark crop-top or bra can instantly make it look like I put more effort in than I really did. The sheen of the fabric and cut of the shorts also adds a little bit of flair that really makes this outfit. I've been wearing this and variations upon it out a bit recently and thought I'd get some photos of it during the day. 

I used to layer the lace top on top of a singlet and as the temperature has been increasing the desire to do so has massively decreased. I think that with semi see-through garments such as this dark lacy bras and crop tops can be super cute and not revealing at all. 

The sunglasses are a recent spontaneous purchase from ASOS and I am currently sharing them with my gal pal Tara. They are much more her style than they are mine but I have difficultly resisting sparkles and cat-eye lenses. 

There is also evidence of what happens to white shoes when they are much loved. They do not stay white for long but I've currently got my eyes out for other shoes in this style. However, I'm sure that by the time I do something else will be around and catching my eye. 

Hope you've all had a smashing weekend!
Erin xx

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