Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Seasonals | Beach Essentials

Sorry for the late post today, I've spent the last few days enjoying and remembering a wonderful long weekend mostly spent at the beach. Queenslanders had the pleasure of a long weekend and utilise it I did. Tara and I took two trips up to the beautiful Sunshine coast on Saturday and Monday and I thought I'd share with you how I went about packing the essentials. 

I like to start off by choosing my bag and telling myself it is the only bag I'm allowed. I chose this calico bag that I picked up at the merchandise desk of Regina Spektor's Australian tour last year. It's a really good size and because of its colour and fabric sand will cause minimal damage. Then I like to put the most bulky items in first; I love my huge beach towel from Sherdian but it definitely takes up a lot of room. Because I prefer to get changed into my swimmers at the beach I generally roll those up in the towel before putting it in. 

My next bag choice is a smaller one. Because I don't want to take an obvious handbag (so I can leave my belongings on the beach while I swim) I needed a smaller bag that I could fit all of my usual belongings into that would fit nicely inside of my beach bag. I used this cosmetics bag from Clinique that I got in one of their free gifts recently. Cosmetics bags are really good for keeping your precious belongings safe at the beach because they protect well from the sand. The bag conveniently fitted my wallet, coin purse, tissues and two other pouches that I carry things like keys, headphones, bandaids, lip-balms and headache tablets in. 

There are also some more miscellaneous but absolutely necessary things to include in any beach bag. Firstly, sunscreen is essential; I have one for my face and one for my body here. I'm not overly fussy with my sunscreen as long as it has over SPF30+, however, I do prefer a lighter one on my face. I'm currently using these two from The Cancer Council but am looking into other alternatives now that we have such high SPFs available and that these are running out. Deodorant is also required because of how hot you can get laying on the beach. I think over the weekend we had temperatures of 36°C which can cause you to sweat even if you're only lying down. I am currently in love and obsessed with this Lady Speed Stick in Orchard Blossom. 

Other essentials also include a hair brush, if you fancy keeping your hair knot free as it dries from your swim, sunglasses, plenty of cold water, an over shirt or kaftan and a large sun hat. I like to keep it as simple as possible when heading to the beach so I can keep any potential loss and damage to a minimum. If I'm going to stay over night though.... well things can get a little more complicated. 

Hope you're all having a wonderful week!
Erin xx

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