Friday, 18 October 2013

Buy Nothing New Month | Trash or Treasure?

You might remember that at the start of the month Erin and I committed to buying nothing new in the month of October. In case you missed it you can find out about the project in more detail here

It probably won't come as much as a surprise to any of you, but I own a lot of clothes. I am also guilty of getting emotionally attached to clothing, even if I no longer wear it. So to avoid being swallowed by my own wardrobe I have recently had a big clean out of my clothing. Here are my steps to letting go of the old and making room for the new.

Step 1: Be Ruthless
This might seem like an obvious step, but it's easier said than done. You know your style best and you'll know if it has changed. I used to be very into skater dresses and floral prints, now not so much. Regardless of how much you used to love something if it's no longer your style it's time to go. 

Step 2: Work in sections
If you let your closet get into as bad a shape as I did then working through everything at once might seem a little daunting. Tackle a draw at a time to avoid drowning in your own clothes. 

Step 3: Phone a friend
If you've worked through everything and you're still left with a mountain of clothes, then call in a close friend to help you cull. Erin and I are both guilty of letting ourselves get overly attached to clothing we no longer need. Although it's tempting don't keep something for sentimental reasons if it no longer fits you or your style. 

Step 4: One Week to Wear
If there's an item you haven't worn in a year and a day, but can't bear to throw it out then place in a separate section of your closet. Give yourself a week to wear it and come the end of the week and it is still unworn? It's time for it to go. 

Step 5: Get Rid of Them
Now that you've gone to the effort of sorting through your clothes don't just let them hang around in your room. Get rid of them! I like to sort my clothes into two piles one to donate to the op shop and another to sell on eBay. Selling on eBay is a little intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of the postal system it's a great way to get rid of any unwanted clothing. You can check Erin and I's eBay store here

Alrighty so those are my tips for clearing out your closet. Good luck on trawling through your own clothes. 

What are your tips to sorting the trash from the treasure?

Jess xx

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