Wednesday, 2 October 2013

OOTD | Spotted in the Courtyard

Black and White Raglan Top - PulpKitchen via Dangerfield / Spotted Skirt - Sophia via Little JC / Green Jacket - Vintage via Endeavour Foundation / Black Riding Boots - Greg Grant / Red Tartan Ribbon from my Christmas Tree 

It's been a while since I did an outfit for you guys so I thought I'd pop one up today. This is one of my favourites from the last few months. It is probably the cutest I've felt in a work appropriate outfit and was so simple and easy to put together. I think I may have caught Jess' monochrome bug because I couldn't stay away from pairing these two. But obviously I couldn't keep it entirely black and white because that just wouldn't be me now would it? 

I picked up this beautiful green jacket a few years ago in an effort to recreate a Daria (1990s MTV cartoon hit) costume and have been wearing it avidly ever since. I love the fabric its made from and the simple, perfectly placed and well sized pockets that it features. Probably one of my most worn and well loved vintage pieces (which is really saying something). 

The skirt was found in a small boutique near my old work. I think it was ashamedly the result of a lunch break shopping trip fuelled by a bit of anger and frustration. I loved the skirt and picked it up in a size that is probably a bit smaller than I would like it but it still fits pretty well. Be warned, shopping angry can result in a lack of attention to detail with sizing. For a while I had difficulty pairing the skirt because I was so bogged down in how off-white the spots were but have since decided to stop caring and wear it however I like.

Again, you've seen many reincarnations of this raglan shirt. Jess and I found them during winter sales and I have been wearing three of them ever since. Thank you Dangerfield for these magnificently comfy finds. These boots you've seen before and will definitely see again. Perfect for a job that requires you to be on your feet all day. 

You will probably start learning now that I adore ribbons and have a pretty massive collection. I think they add a very easy bit of quirk to an otherwise understated outfit; everyone needs a bit of quirk don't they. 

And thats my outfit of the day. It is fairly simple but its a great example of what I get around in day-to-day while I am at work.; waisted skirts, comfy tops and riding boots. 

Hope you're all enjoying your week. If truths must be told, I'm hanging out for the weekend pretty bad.

Erin xx

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