Monday, 21 October 2013

Review | Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick vs Shadow Paint

 Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick in Bulletproof Beige, Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Paint in Golden Bronze

Hi lovelies! It's been awhile since my last beauty review. With the change in seasons my skin has not been too happy with me, so I have been sticking to mascara and concealer for the most part. To make up for the lack of beauty on the blog I am back with a double review on some new releases from Rimmel.

These have been out in the UK for quite awhile now, but are just now making it into Pricelines in Australia. For any of you who are tossing up between the two I though I would give you a quick rundown on the differences. 

Colour: Day to day I stick to neutral colours on my eyes. I picked up the most neutral in both lines. My one gripe with both products is that the shade range is very limited and features some very out there colours. Hopefully Rimmel will expand the shade selection in the future. 

Bulletproof Beige is very subtle on my eyelids as it is nearly the same shade as my skin. For this reason I prefer to use it as a base for powder eyeshadows, rather than on its own. 

Golden Bronze is a beautiful warm gold. It catches the light beautifully and lately I have been wearing on its own blended all over the lid. 

Application: Here is where the two products are very different. Bulletproof Beige is a chunky pencil which unfortunately is not self-sharpening. Once applied to the eye there is a short window of time to blend the product after which it sets. 

Golden Bronze is a housed in a tube with a doe-foot applicator. This leaves a really thick layer of product that needs to be blended out very quickly before it sets. It took a bit of getting used to as the product dries very quickly, but once you've got the knack of it it becomes very quick and easy. 

Staying Power: I think everyone wants their eyeshadow to stick around, and these two products are definitely great for that. As I mentioned I use Bulletproof Beige predominantly as an eyeshadow base, and I find it definitely extends the wear of my eyeshadow and liner. 

I haven't had any issues with Golden Bronze either and on its own there is no creasing or shifting throughout the day. 

Personally I prefer the colour and ease of Golden Bronze so if I had to pick just one of these products then it would be the Shadow Paint. 

If you fancy either of these products for yourself you can find them at Pricelines Australia wide. Otherwise they're currently on sale on Asos

What are your current eyeshadow favourites?

Jess xx

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