Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Seasonals | Bright and Bold

From L to R: Mac 'So Chaud', Revlon ColourBurst Lipstick 'Fuchsia', Illamasqua 'Scandal'

Hi lovelies! Today I have hijacked Erin's Seasonals series to chat about my favourite lipsticks for summer. It gets face-meltingly hot in Brisbane over the summer and my day to day makeup is reduced to eyebrows, lashes and a bright lip colour. If it isn't a bold colour chances are I won't be interested.

1. Mac Lipstick in 'So Chaud' $36.00AUD (available here)
Described as an 'intense reddish-orange' on the Mac website this lipstick is one of my all time favourite reds. The finish is super pigmented and matte. Despite the hefty price tag the Mac Matte finish remains my favourite lipstick formula. 

2. Revlon ColourBurst Lipstick in 'Fuchsia' (discontinued, similar here)
Sadly this particular formula by Revlon has been discontinued. However with my recent venture into pink and purple hair I have been loving bright pink lips. There is a similar colour in the Revlon Super Lustrous line if you were wanting to seek out a shade to experiment with. It's not as matte as the other two options, but a bit of setting powder can soon sort that out. 

3. Illamasqua Lipstick in 'Scandal' $25.00AUD (available here)
This is the newest addition to the bunch. Coming in at a very close second to Mac are the wonderful matte lipsticks from Illamasqua. Corals are something I tend to wear only in the warmer months. I often find corals can lean a bit too peachy for my skin tone, but this one is the perfect balance for me. 

Hopefully this post has inspired you to be brave and try something new in the lipstick world. I am feeling very summery whilst writing this post up. There's a summer storm and the air is sticky and humid. I for one can't wait for uni to be over and for the beach trips to begin.

I am always looking for excuses to expand my lipstick collection so what are you favourite summery shades?

Jess xx 

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