Sunday, 20 October 2013

Essentials | The Skater Skirt

A few weeks ago a girl I work with asked me if I had a collection of cute skirts to which I answered, after pondering for a while, why yes, I guess I do. Over the past few years I have been unknowingly building a collection of a-line/skater skirts that have become the most staple item in my wardrobe. In the past few months I have been wearing them more and more as I realised how comfortable and handy they are for wearing to work. Mostly, they are conservative enough in the length department and whilst still being very casual are dressy enough to be paired with comfortable t-shirts and not be underdressed. 

The ones you see in the photographs above are all sourced from a variety of different places. The plain black and bright pink ones are an identical cut and are the veterans of the collection; I purchased these several years ago whilst working at Barkins. I have worn both of them umpteenth times in OOTDs featured on this blog.  I adore them and still plan to get them remade in a plethora of different colours. 

The two on either end of the collection were sourced via ASOS (where I'm sure a lot more shall come from in the future if my saved items is anything to go by). Probably the most expensive of the collection is the bright red one made from 100% wool that I picked up in a Zara splurge when it opened in Australia two years ago. 

These particular styles of skirts are so handy all year round working well with black tights and even patterned tights. They're also very wearable during the warmer months granted they're not too short. I would definitely call these essential staples in my wardrobe. However, I know that the shape doesn't suit all body types. What do you consider your most collected wardrobe essential on the bottom half of your body?

Erin xx

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