Friday, 8 February 2013

UNIF Grim Creepers

 As promised in Monday's OOTD (link here) here are my thoughts on my latest pair of shoes from UNIF. I am a huge UNIF fangirl their designs always impress me and always manage to deplete my bank balance. This isn't the first time I've blogged about creepers (link here), but I feel these shoes are more like oxfords than creepers with the much subtler platform. This means that they'll outlast the creeper fad and remain very wearable for a long, long time. 

I bought these babies from an online store called Dolls Kill. I cannot recommend this website highly enough, particularly for my Australian readers. Four day express shipping for $20? Yes please!

These shoes like all my UNIF pieces are exceptionally well made. The leather is fantastic quality and the spikes are very securely fitted. There is also a packet of spare spikes should you ever need. Like all leather shoes they were a bit stiff for the first couple wears, but now they're broken in there's no rubbing to speak of and they're super comfy. One thing I definitely prefer about this set of creepers is how much lighter they are than my T.U.K. pair.

I got these in a US 8. I prefer to get my flats in 8s and already owning the Hellraisers (link here) I figured that would be the best option. Annoyingly UNIF don't do half-sizes in their shoes, but I would say that if you're between sizes to opt up rather than down as the shoes are fairly narrow at the front. Also good news these shoes are also made in men's sizes, so you and your bf can wander round in matching footwear, infinitely cooler than matching t-shirts. 

Although I was not a fan of them initially the quality of both my UNIF shoes has me contemplating a pair of Hellbounds.

Any suggestions as to colour?

Jess xx


  1. absolutely love these shoes! may i ask how many inches is the bottom outer sole? thank you!

    1. They aren't very tall at all, maybe 1 inch I would think

      Jess x



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