Sunday, 3 February 2013

A Trip to Gewürzhaus

My family loves gourmet food. Like, really loves. It's something nurtured by my mother, unknowingly enjoyed by my father, and something my brother and I have never lived without. Whilst Christmas shopping, my mother and I came across this amazing spice shop in The Block Arcade (which is an amazing place to visit if you're ever in Melbourne) called Gewürzhaus. We bought a few gifts for different people, and for my brother, Liam. When he came down for the holidays and received his gift he insisted we return to the shop so he could absorb some more spice goodness. Aaaand, just recently, he requested some more. 

So, today my parents and I trekked into the city to get my far away brother some delicious spices from this magnificent store. Well described on their website: “think of the lolly shop of your childhood dreams, substitute herbs and spices and you’re at Gewürzhaus”. Like I said before, my family gets around the gourmet food circle and this store really is unique - at least in Australia. We bought my brother a delicious array of herbs and spices including a Guacamole blend which smells like Mexican powder form. 

They also stock a rather large range of cute, kitch and incredibly useful kitchenware. If I had any money or a place to put things, I could exit this store with an awfully large armful of goodies. For lovers of cooking fine foods, Gewürzhaus is an unexpected heaven in the middle of the city. Unfortunately, they're only in Melbourne (in three different locations) but they do ship all over Australia and the world. 

According to their website they also run cooking classes to educate people on the beautiful complexity of herbs and spices. Now that would be one nice smelling cooking class.

Erin xx

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