Wednesday, 6 February 2013

OOTD - Pretty in Pink and Shoulder Pads

Blouse - Thrifted, Skirt - Barkins, Shoes - Christian di Riccio, Nail Polish - Sportsgirl Nailit "Tomato"

There is something strangely enticing about a super femme looking shirt that decides to throw in a surprise pair of shoulder pads. I'm not keen on it everyday but on the days that I feel like my knocked-about boots are too much but I need something to tone down the girly-ness - I love shoulder pads. I found this top in Lifeline during a sneaky shop before last years Laneway Festival with Jess and our delightful friend Honor (who then purchased this top for me as a gift, bless her soul). I've never been quite sure what it was about the top that I had to have. I adore lace, intricate prints that aren't floral, and buttons make me gaga. Most other thrifted garments that come with shoulder pads I remove before I wear but this piece just wouldn't be the same. Not only does it tuck nicely into high-waisted skirts but it also falls really pleasantly over pants and fitted garments. The buttons are also a huge draw for me. The top one was missing when I got it so I dug into my huge thrifted button collection and thought the one you see at the top fitted the aesthetic nicely. 

Also in this OOTD I'm wear two of my all time favourite items. A) the hot pink skirt and B) my flatform sandals. For the last five years I worked at Barkins (an Australian retailer of fashionable women's corporate wear) and have to say it is definitely not my style. But every  now and again some garments would come in out of the blue that I just had to have - and it was conveniently cheap compared to other stores (plus a generous staff discount). This skirt was one of those items. It came in black and hot pink and I had to have both in my hands. I have plans to take them to a tailor and have it remade in every colour on the spectrum, I love it that much. 

The shoes are Christian di Riccio which I purchased from ZOMP in Brisbane partway through last year. I had been searching for a plain yet attractive pair of flatforms (and obviously well made) for quite sometime and hence I was willing to fork out the $140 that I did. They've been worn full-time almost all of Spring and Summer and I hope so much that they last me another few seasons because replacing them will be next to impossible. 

Erin xx

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