Wednesday, 20 February 2013

An Enchanting Trip

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a close friend of Jess and I. Full of sass and style, this lady is part of the glue that holds us together. Her name is Honor and she is the third wheel on our tricycle. Note: I used the term tricycle because its not a tricycle without the essential third wheel and you'd probably fall off and hit your head - a lot like our lives would be without this amazing girl. Anyway, enough about her, you can just assume if she is friends with us she is probably awesome. She is spending the week with me in Melbourne and today we went on a pretty super road trip (and yes, we did listen to my playlist from Sunday).

Up on Arthur's Seat, down on the Mornington Peninsula, grows one of the most wonderful not-so-secret attractions. Hedge mazes. Enchanted hedge mazes. The Enchanted Maze Garden drew our attention last night and we could think of nothing more fun to do. If you think hedge mazes are for kids, you're right; they're for the kid stuck inside of all of us. 

We treasure hunted in hedge mazes, avoided sprinklers in a turf maze, and played snakes and ladders in a special maze for children (us, obviously). We even found a 'spooky' 3D maze with trippy holographic paint and statues. It was a lovely day outside and the hour long drive down was simply spectacular - the first and last photos are the view from an outlook point up the mountain.

The weather was only improving as the day continued so we left the hedge mazes (quite exhausted mind you) and drove to Heronswood Gardens and Cafe for a delicious light meal. We then continued into Mornington for a coffee at D.O.C. Gastronomia Italiana and a sneaky little thrift shopping session (you'll see our haul in my next post - it's pretty spiffy). 

Yes, I know this was a fairly indulgent post today but we had fun and I thought I'd recommend maze trips to everyone for a fun day. Also, we wanted to show Jess our day because we miss spending time as a trio.

Erin xx

PS. Who loves Honor's snappy new Lover The Label jacket? It's too snazzy for words. 

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