Wednesday, 19 December 2012

DIY Self Motivation

I am a procrastinator by nature but not by intention. For the last few years I have found several vintage and retro pieces, seen through their flaws, and had big dreams of alterations. This post is more or less a motivational tool which will require several follow-up before-and-after posts that I will feel compelled to do... now I have said I will on the internet.

The first piece in desperate need of a simple alteration is this floral full circle skirt dress.

Since purchasing it two years ago, I have hated the fact that the sleeves were never puffy enough and frankly, rather floppy. They also engulf my arms; my favourite part of my body.

Wracking my brain for ideas, transforming it into a wide strapped dress came to mind. I'm quite excited about this project and can't wait to wear it during my Melbourne summer.

My next idea is somewhat more complex but does not scare me one bit (surprisingly). I used to adore wearing this dress but as I lost weight, the top part of it (similar to the other dress) began to swamp around my shoulders.

I adore the buttons, pockets and epaulette details, so I will incorporate them into the skirt half of the garment. I'll separate the top from the bottom to create a super comfortable midi-skirt (you'll soon learn of my love for midi- and maxi-skirts and dresses).

I'm not sure yet sure how I'll use the buttons but I think moving the pockets near the waist of the skirt is a good place to start.

There are many other garments needing alteration and recreation but I think this will do for now.

Erin xx

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