Monday, 31 December 2012

Rebel, Rebel Your Face is a Mess

MAC Rebel 01

MAC Rebel 02

So I've decided that its about darn time a picture of my face appeared on the blog. I was worried that all I would post were pictures of my disembodied feet.

This is one of my favourite MAC lipsticks and the fact that I got to throw David Bowie into the mix was just an added bonus. 

I am a bright lipstick fiend. In fact, the photo above is pretty much my standard face. Compulsory black liner, mascara and lipstick, easy-peasy. 

I don't tend to have a lot of boundaries when it comes to bold lip colours. I have happily slapped on a black lippy and dashed out the door on more than one occasion. The reason I like this colour so much is that it is dark enough to be vampy but still quite a bright colour. This makes it a worthy addition to my lipstick drawer (yes there's a drawer, I'm aware I have a slight problem). 

MAC lipsticks are pretty pricey in the Land of Oz, but as a brand they are consistently good. The deciding factor in my lipstick purchases is always lasting power as with colours like this any wear is far more obvious. MAC lipsticks have proven themselves time and time again to stick around for a good 8 hours, and this shade stains the lips as well.

An all round winner then is MAC's Rebel. 

What's your go to bold lipstick? 

Jess xx

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