Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Neck Candy (mini)Haul

I'm not someone who owns a lot of neck candy. I wear two necklaces, of great importance to me, pretty much 24/7 - yes, that includes showering and sleeping. Both of them are sterling silver and short pendant length. Hence, these two pieces control a lot of the other jewellery that I wear on a day to day basis. Recently though, I have acquired (and by acquired I mean purchased on a whim) two very nice pendants on long, 80cm chains. 

The first piece I stumbled across in the home store of Australian designer Corky Saint Clair whilst getting off the train at Flinders Street station - its called the Degraves Street Subway and is a magical fairy land with a plethora of hidden treasures. I merely glimpsed at this beauty on my way out of the subway and spent my entire shopping trip (the fruits of which I will show you later) wishing and hoping and thinking and praying that it would still be there on my return to the train station. 

The chain is quite fine and sterling which is a nice, yet contrasting, addition to the two I wear all the time. My favourite part, the amethyst, is large enough to gain the intricate visual beauty from the rock but not too heavy as to give you a neck ache. 

I bought it on sale for $35 last Thursday and have worn it about four times since. Definitely a winner. 

My second find (which was actually my first seeing as I ordered it before I found the amethyst) is from GOGO PHILIP. Again, it has quite a long chain but this time it is gold in colour. It will need to be styled on its own, I think, hiding my two permanent pendants under a button up shirt. 

I love the bright colour and the marbled effect throughout the plastic. Its super light and I think can almost function like a brooch as a addition to an outfit. 

I bought this on sale for about $13. I might not wear it as frequently as the amethyst, simply because of its gold chain, but you'll definitely see it several times in the future. 

Erin xx



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