Friday, 21 December 2012

UNIF Hellraisers

UNIF Hellraisers 01 UNIF Hellraisers 02

Today I'll be posting about yet another pair of shoes. Quelle suprise! These are quite possibly the most perfect flats of all time and I am not ready to rule out the possibility that I will be pottering around in these at the grand old age of 90.

Interestingly I didn't own the genuine article until quite recently. The above right photo shows the UNIF shoe on the left and an Ebayed knock-off on the right. The knockoffs held up surprisingly well considering I wore them everyday, but the heel did wear down fairly swiftly and there are a few spikes missing. 

The actual UNIF shoes feel like a much superior creature. Made from real leather with the spikes firmly in place I have a feeling these will be fare far better. 

$165 is a big ask for a pair of flats, but sadly I can't wear my platforms round the supermarket so these are a slightly more practical option. If like me you have your heart set on them then I suggest you have a hunt around. Thanks to Solestruck I snatched them up for 50% off and I am a very happy bunny.

Happy Hunting,

Jess xx


  1. my friend has these too! They are beeeeeeaaaauuuutttiifffuuullll oh gosh.
    Good luck on your blog! I started mine only a few days back too and i know how great it felt when i got my first follower heh so i'll happily do you the favour (:
    I hope you'll come check out and (if you want to) follow my blog too.



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