Monday, 23 June 2014

Review | Models Prefer Slanted Liner

Hi lovelies! I've always loved winged eyeliner and over the years have tested many brands' options. I tend to favour liquid formulas, as I find them the fastest to work with. Models Prefer is a brand that I am not super familiar with, but I was in the mood for something different last time I ran out of eyeliner. 

For the low price tag I'm pleasantly surprised. The formula is rich and black, and doesn't flake or fade throughout the day. Whilst it isn't a waterproof formula it also doesn't completely run down my face either. It probably won't be my first choice in the humidity of summer, but for now it's great. 

The slanted felt tip makes it ideal for getting a crisp wing as well. I haven't seen many of these pen style liners with an applicator like this so if you struggle with your eyeliner this might be a good one to try out. 

Sadly it's starting to dry out now, but considering it's near daily use I think 3 months is a decent amount of product. I'll definitely be picking up another one on my next trip to Priceline. 

The Models Prefer Slanted Liner is available at Priceline stores Australia wide. 

What are you favourite liners?

Jess x

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