Friday, 6 June 2014

Shopping | Ra Ra Superstar Vintage Haul

Another month and another haul of vintage clothing has entered my wardrobe. This time I bought it all from one shop, Ra Ra Superstar, in Paddington. I stumbled into their mammoth courtyard sale on a hunt to replace a jumper I misplaced and found so much more. They had a 3 items for $20 sale on some amazing retro/vintage items and so I made sure didn't leave empty handed. 

First things first, I am a denim addict. Mum jeans, chambray shirts and cut-off shorts (of respectable lengths of course) are some of my favourite and most worn items. My number one chambray shirt is wearing thin and I have needed to find a new one for some time now. I found this super-oversized one by DKNY and am so happy I did. It is soft, well worn but still thick enough to provide warmth in the coming months. I also picked up an ankle length, long sleeved denim dress with a high velvet collar and velvet cuffs. It buttons to from the neck to the waist, is gathered at the waist and falls free flowing. Again the denim is well warn but still thick enough to be warm for winter. I am unsure if I will keep it at the length it is but think I love it long just as much as I would short; decisions, decisions.

Normally, when I find loose fitting, high waisted pants in thrift or vintage stores they don't fit my body. I love the style but the fits rarely suit me. Finally, I have found a pair that do! I picked up a pair of ankle grazing, high waisted slacks by Country Road. The fabric is a beautiful navy crushed silk and is light enough that I'll be able to wear them most of the year as well. I am ecstatic with this purchase. 

Along the lines of replacing a missing jumper, I did find a pastel pink cropped knitted jumper. It still had tags attached and is in fantastic condition. The knit is fairly thick so it will definitely keep me warm through winter and looks great layered with tops underneath and jackets on top. I have had a recent fascination with v-necklines and I also love the tighter cuffs that this piece also features. 

The last piece I picked up is a stunning navy double breasted jacket. 80s shoulder pads do something for me that no other style can. They throw well over any outfit and don't tend you give you that gross winter 'excess clothes bulge'. The gold buttons also make me giddy as big fancy buttons should do for everyone. 

Have you found any great vintage or retro pieces lately? I can't get enough. Ever.

Happy Wednesday!
Erin xx

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