Sunday, 1 June 2014

Monthly Round-Up | May

Eat and Drink

I didn't make it to many new venues this month but I did discover a new stockist of my favourite brand of olives. As a child my father dubbed me The Olive Queen and I have maintained that status ever since. Mount Zero is a Victorian estate that grows and produces a plethora of different gourmet ingredients, including olives, olive oil, condiments, grains etc. My favourite of their line is the olives, of course. In the past it has been hard to find their product in Brisbane but I have been hearing and finding more and more places that stock it; and now, one that I can actually get to with ease in Paddington. 

If you see these babies out and about, treat yourself because they are totally worth it. 

Lily Allen - Sheezus

I have loved Lily Allen since her debut Alright Still in 2006. When she denounced her career to run a vintage fashion store I hoped she would come back and she answered me with full gusto. Her bitchy, sarcastic take on the industry and society that happily supports her is something I love. Sheezus, her latest release, sees Allen's take on many recent pop culture happenings; including society's take on her reentering the industry. 

I know my love for Allen's music is fairly polarising but I am enamoured with her sarcastic lyrics and no bullshit attitude. Ignore the genre and listen to the sass that this album exudes; although, the genre only adds to the amazing satire that it is. 


It is safe to say that I have an unconditional love for food and flavour. What Chef lacks in engaging, somewhat thought provoking storyline,  it more than makes up for in wonderful cinematography and passion for the topic. Passion for food leads Jon Favreau's character, Carl Casper, away from his stable, yet stifling, job as Head Chef and to building and travelling the USA selling gourmet Cuban sandwiches. 

I've had plenty of people tell me the storyline was far too light and probably sponsored by Twitter BUT it doesn't bother me. Cooking is one of my favourite past times and I love stories that accentuate its importance in life; the pleasure it can bring is immense. 

If you like a bit of good food or cooking porn, this movie is for you. I left the cinema so inspired and, as my friend Ruby will tell you, crying about the beauty of slow cooked meats. Food love is a big love. 

The Rocket Mascara by Maybelline New York

When it comes to mascaras I am a fickle being. I buy one, don't love it, don't hate it, use it up and move on. After hearing all the hype surrounding The Rocket mascara by Maybelline New York and not being able to get it in Australia, Jess picked one up for both of us on her recent trip to London. I have the waterproof edition and am both enamoured and distraught that I won't be able to get another when this one runs out. 

No clumps, and longer and thicker looking lashes is what this formula and brush combination offers. That is all I ask of a mascara for my very ordinary lashes. That is what you get. 

7 Day Scrub Cream by Clinique 

Another beauty delivery from my beloved rose AKA Jess. She passed this gem onto me a few weeks ago and I adore it. I use it in the evenings after cleansing and like to think it assists in removing any excess grime from the day. It exfoliates without drying out my skin which is fairly dry already.

I am unsure as to what the exfoliant texture is made from which does cause a tiny bit of environmental concern; what I'm washing down the basin etc. However, as this was a gift I am more than happy to reap its benefits while it lasts. Because of the price, and similar products I already own, I am unsure if I will purchase another once this runs out. I have loved using this product by Clinique and will definitely considering trying others in their skin care range in the future. 

Hope you all had a wonderful May. Happy Winter!
Erin xx 

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