Sunday, 8 June 2014

OOTD | Dress in Denim

Denim Dress - vintage via Ra Ra Superstar / White STEREO Sandals - London Rebel / Bent Spoon Pendant - Noosa Antique Upcycle Artisan / Glasses - eBay / Gold Bangle - gift with unknown brand / Rose hair-clip - 

Blue denim is one of my favourite fabrics. It makes all kinds of clothes and I like to think I own a fair amount; shorts, jeans, chambray shirts, overalls and dresses (sadly, no jacket). I found this dress last weekend whilst rummaging through Ra Ra Superstar's court yard sale - see haul here

Weekends are best spent in comfort and this dress is nothing but. It is quite a light weight denim and will probably be wearable in summer as well (depending on the heat of course). The collar, cuffs and buttons have a velvet trim which adds a slight bit of interest but nothing too over the top. 

I love one piece outfits as they are easy to wear and require very little thought. When they're all one colour like this piece, it makes accessorising very simple as well. Most of the accessories were actually after thoughts and yet it turned out to be quite a cute combination. Gold bangle, spoon pendant, silver owl-eye glasses and white sandal combo. My mum at surprised me earlier that day with a felt-rose clip so that went in my hair with much excitement too.

Does anyone else share my blue denim obsession? I just cannot get enough.

Happy Sunday!
Erin xx

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