Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Shopping | Vintage and Thrift Haul

I have managed to collect quite a number of new clothes in the last two weeks; more than usual for me anyway. Because I have a large haul of new (to me) clothes I thought I would share them with you. It started with a trip to my favourite, and semi-secret, op shopping location with of my favourite girls, Rhianna, where I picked up some incredibly 90s pieces. I think it was probably the influence of watching Clueless and Bring It On the week prior that brought out my inner Cher. 

Firstly, I think I have developed a new love affair with wrap skirts. I picked up two of them in my op shopping trip and would never say no to a few more. One is super simple in plain black and reminds me of skirts worn by ballet dancers (which I always wanted to be growing up). The other is in a classic green-red tartan sporting a buckle at the side of the waist. I did have to adjust the button to make it fit my waist better but thats the joy of buying second hand. Of the three blouses I found on my journey I am only certain I will be able to wear one. The oversized lace button up is right up my regular alley whilst the bright blue knitted vest-top and pink-burgundy velour crop top/boob tube may only be worn once or twice. 

The second half of my haul comes from Can You Keep a Secret? and once again they did not fail me. They were, and are still, having a half off all clothing sale until the Easter weekend. I took this opportunity to snap up a few groovy bargains with my fellow vintage clothing lover, Honor. I picked up the first two dresses for $10 each. Even though they are quite similar in their pastel floral patterns their cuts are strikingly different and appropriate for different occasions. I know the weather is starting to cool down and white cotton dresses can be hard to pair with tights but I couldn't resist. The bright collared top was down to $15 and an impulse purchase. It is a classic 80s square-cut button up and sits perfectly when tied at the waist. The print is fairly obscure but screamed "tropicana" at me so loud I had to have it. Again, it is fairly Summer-y but I can't be bothered with seasonal dressing in Brisbane; except of course to keep warm. 

And thats my most recent thrift and vintage haul! I think all together I would have paid less that $70 for all of these clothes which is a great bargain (especially for some great condition vintage/retro classics). I like to keep my thrift haunt close to my heart but definitely recommend Can You Keep a Secret? to everyone looking for a vintage bargain: consistently great quality at a reasonable price. 

Happy Wednesday!
Erin xx

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