Saturday, 26 April 2014

Skin | Benzac by Galderma

My apologies if this post alienates you but I now speaking to those suffering from and living with acne and those doing their best to prevent breakouts. We're not a small group of people but we are bonded through this naturally occurring imperfection. I have covered my skin issues on here before but I will recap what is relevant to this post. I spent my pre-teen and teenage years with moderate acne; not the most aggressive and scarring kind but self-esteem damaging nonetheless. I had been to the dermatologist and endocrinologist and been told my body had a hormonal imbalance creating acne on my skin (face and body) at such a young age. 

Since the beginning of my acne treatment (complete with every wash, ointment and drug under the sun) there has been one brand and product that was always present. I left my first dermatology appointment (at age 7) with a list of face washes and creams that would help my predicament. Galderma's Benzac AC Wash with 5% benzoyl peroxide has been in my shower ever since. It is an intense face wash that, because of its high quantity of its active ingredient, can be very drying on the skin. The first few weeks of use can even result in slight peeling. Persistence is necessary with this product and a good oil free moisturiser. I use Neutrogena's Oil Free Moisture with SPF 15. I recommend using this product at night time because exposure to extreme sunlight can be more drying and damaging for your skin. 

Later, after an introduction by a cousin, Benzac AC Acne Gel (available with both 2.5% and 5% benzoyl peroxide) entered my life. I was using another Galderma acne cream, Differin, previously but it is prescription only and about twice the price. For me, this alternative works equally as well and is less damaging to the skin. I use this like any other acne cream applying sparingly to any spots after cleansing and moisturising. I am also more liberal with this product at night time because, like the face wash, benzoyl peroxide combined with sunlight is not your best friend. 

The most recent addition to my skin routine is the Benzac Daily Facial Foaming Cleanser, a new addition to the product range. I found it while repurchasing the Benzac AC Wash and was compelled to purchase it. It does not contain benzoyl peroxide like the rest of the range which I guess is Galderma's attempt to expand their line to less intense products. I know some people's skin simply cannot deal with the intensity of benzoyl peroxide in the other products and so this one may be more suited to them. I've been using this for all of two weeks now and am quite impressed. 

I can't say I'm going to completely convert my whole skin routine to the rest of the expanded range but I will recommend them. I like to think my skin is on the way out of this acne traumatised period of my life but until I am more certain of that, these products will stay in my beauty regime. 

Happy Sunday!
Erin xx

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