Monday, 7 April 2014

Recipe | Bacon, Leek & Feta Frittata

Hi lovelies! I have been all about quick and easy meals of late. I had some eggs that needed using up and so I knocked up a quick frittata which has been making for a super quick lunch or breakfast. 

Serves approx. 6
8 eggs
1 Leek
Approx. 150g of short cut bacon (1 packet)
250g mushrooms
Feta Cheese

Now this is a recipe that isn't rocket science. You want to start by dicing all your ingredients. Next line a deep fry pan with baking paper. In a separate pan begin frying all your ingredients. I fried the bacon just as it was, but a little butter goes a long way when frying leeks and mushrooms. Delish! 

Once each ingredient is cooked transfer them into the lined fry pan. Once all your ingredients are in the lined pan stir it up to make sure they're mixed evenly. 

I had originally planned on using 6 eggs, but in the end I used 8 to cover the ingredients evenly. In order to cook the frittata evenly I prefer to cook in from the bottom before popping it under the grill. 

Sprinkle some chopped feta, or other cheese on top. Wait until the frittata is cooked about half way through, before transferring it from the stove top to the oven. I found mine took about 15 minutes once it was under the grill. But make sure you check it regularly as the depth of your pan may differ. 

Once cooked through remove from the oven and take the frittata out of the hot pan to prevent further cooking. This is where the baking paper comes in handy. Serve with a side salad and drizzled with some balsamic dressing. Makes for a super quick and easy lunch. 

If you are a fan of anything used in this recipe feel free to swap it out for something else. I am already dreaming up a sun dried tomato, zucchini, and feta combo. Yum!

What are your favourite quick and easy lunches?

Jess x

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