Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Monthly Round-Up | April

Eat and Drink
Sangria Bar, South Bank

Brisbane welcomes this addition to the flourishing strip of dining options along Little Grey Street, South Bank. As a dedicated Sangria bar to Ole Restaurant next door, there are a multitude of sangrias available as well as variety of other beverages and minimal but scrumptious tapas food (also available at Ole).

I have frequented this bar many times with some of my favourite people and have always experienced the highest levels of service and quality of food and drink. My favourite item on the menu is their olive plate as well as their classic patatas bravas. I've tried almost all of their sangria selections and am yet to find one I don't like. 

It is always pumping and a fun place to visit whilst still being reasonably priced with food under $15 and a jug of sangria for $32. Totally recommend this venue for a fun night out - I might even see you there. 

Roasted & Salted Soy Beans

We all know I adore edamame so when I saw these in the asian isle at my Coles I could not resist. I lack so much will power that these were opened before I left the shopping centre. They share many similarities to salted nuts being that they are addictive and not that healthy in large quantities. When roasted, the outside of the bean is similar to that of a peanut skin but is totally edible. These are a ridiculously cheap snack to have around the house when craving something quick, salty and better than potato chips. My one wish is that bars would have these instead of nuts.


I don't have too many words for once. SZA mellows even the most harsh of my moods. I can't get enough of her smooth tone that bursts with emotion. Thanks to my fabulous friend Rhianna, I have dived back into the overflowing pool of up and coming soul artists who are combining their art with hip-hop. 

I have no more words on SZA. Let Warm Winds featuring Isaiah Rashad turn you over to the dark side... we're pretty relaxed here.

The Wolf of Wall Street by Jordan Belfort

We've all heard of (and probably seen) the hit movie The Wolf of Wall Street staring our love, Leonardo DiCaprio. Well, I decided to read the book before watching the film and it took me ages. It didn't take me ages because I'm a slow reader or because it was incredibly long. I took me two months to read because I struggled to cope reading about the most self-centred narcissist to walk the planet and his band of merry followers; alike in lack of dignity. I am always sickened when confronted with the though that humans like that exist. 

Don't get me wrong, the book is incredibly well written and I definitely wanted to read more but after a chapter or two, at the most, I could not cope with Jordan Belfort's insane life. When I did finally complete the book, I attempted the film. It was worse. Ads had led me to believe it was a fun party movie potentially avoiding the harsher more confronting parts of the book. I had no such luck. The actors did such incredibly jobs of portraying the horrible people surrounding Belfort's life, including himself, that any parts of their personalities that I had been diminishing in my imagination were highlighted. 

If you enjoyed the film, then definitely read the book. It is intricately worded and Belfort's internal monologue can be entertaining at times; occasionally enough to empathise. However, if you did not like the film I recommend staying far away. No one really needs to be reminded of how rich and dysfunctional 'the kid' really was. 


I love bright matte lipsticks. I also have a tendency to get fairly chapped lips. These two are definitely a bad combination. I've always been a bit of a skeptic when it comes to lip scrubs but have definitely been converted. This chocolate mint delight is pretty effective and makes for delicious (tested and approved) lips that are ripe and ready for those bold matte lipsticks that I am obsessed with. If you're not a chocolate mint fan, there are other flavours too. Thanks Lush!

I hope you've all had a super great April full of chocolate. Jess and I are super excited for this cold snuggle weather to really kick in. We're both big lovers of layers so our wardrobes are bursting with excitement.

Happy Wednesday! See you in May!
Erin xx

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