Monday, 14 April 2014

Love | Coconut Oil

Hi lovelies! As I have previously mention I have super, super sensitive skin. I have replaced a large majority of my skincare with natural products. Coconut oil has a multitude of uses and I find myself substituting much of my beauty routine with it. If you're new to coconut oil or you're wary of using oil on your face here's some ideas to get you started. 

Eye Make Up Remover I tend to opt for water proof mascaras day to day and they can be an absolute pain to remove. I have had bad reactions to many a make up remover, so I decided to give oil a go. I rub a small amount over my eyes and gently rub over my lashes to dissolve the mascara. I remove the excess with a cotton pad and that's it done.

Hair Mask My hair has experienced a fair bit of bleach over the years so I like to treat it to a mask weekly to improve the texture. I apply a generous amount of coconut oil into the mid-lengths and ends of my hair before I wash my hair. You can leave this on for as long as you like but I like to aim for at least half an hour. After washing my hair as normal the shine and texture of my hair is markedly improved. Although I do have several more conventional hair masks I really like, I prefer coconut oil nowadays due to the absence of chemicals and silicones. 

Body Moisturiser Coconut oil also makes for a fantastic body moisturiser. Right after getting out of the shower I lather this stuff on. It does take a few minutes to sink in but it leaves your skin feeling super soft. 

Those are just a few of the uses I have for coconut oil. For instance I also love cooking with it. I would recommend opting for an unrefined coconut oil if you decide to try this out for yourself.

What are your favourite natural beauty products?
Jess x 

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