Monday, 10 March 2014

Shopping | Dragonberry Pop Up Shop

Hi lovelies! Last Friday and Saturday Dragonberry, a popular Brisbane boutique, had a pop up store in the Valley. The store boasted of discounted stock with nothing being more than $10. Of course my interest was peaked and I toddled off cash in hand. 

I have had mixed experiences with these kind of shops in the past. You tend to find heaps of great deals, or a load of old season stock that they can't get rid of. Thankfully in this case it was the former. 

I found a great pair of (slightly longer) disco short lookalikes, which I am well pleased with. Love the daisies on the back pockets. This kind of sales are probably my favourite way to incorporate bolder pieces into my wardrobe. As I tend to wear less colour on a day to day basis. I did really like the pieces from Tonight Tonight however and picked up quite a few items from them.

The daisy shorts are a sign of me not wanting to let go of summer. However I did wear out my light wash Levi shorts this summer so a replacement was in order. The overalls were a bit of a star buy as well, the legs are very tailored and I can't wait to wear this with all my crop tops come winter. 

The biggest bargain I came across was without a doubt this Wildfox Couture jumper. I lust over their jumpers online, but can never justify the high cost for such a thin knit. I was actually on my way out of the store and had to line up again to purchase this one. So worth it. 

Shout out to the girls managing the floor when I was there. Even amongst the chaos they were doing a fab job at keeping the rails stocked and semi-organised. 

Did the best I could with the photos, but fret no doubt they'll all feature in outfit posts at some point. 

What have been your recent bargains?

Jess x

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