Sunday, 9 March 2014

Nails | A Different Nail Enamel For Sensitive Skins by Clinique

In a recent restock of my much loved foundation, Clinique's Anti-Blemish Solutions, I was once again enticed by the "spend $60 to receive our free gift" shenanigan. It is always a great gift so I picked the A Different Nail Enamel For Sensitive Skins in Red Red Red to push me over the mark. 

They had limited colour choices in my local Myer so with only the brighter colours available I chose a classic. I always need and use up red nail polish. I never shy away from spending a bit more on a classic red polish because I know it will get worn until the bottle is dry. Mostly on my toes but occasionally on my fingers as well. At $21 it is only slightly more expensive than full price O.P.I. nail enamel (in Australia, mind you) so I expected a similar high quality. 

Clinique, as usual, did not fail me. The opacity of the colour is near good enough with just one coat but the obsessor in me needs to do two to be sure. The brush is not the widest but two to three strokes generally takes up the whole nail. Negatively though, the lid can be slippery and make application somewhat awkward. It takes a nail or so to get used to the shape. 

All in all I found the staying power of this polish to be quite long. I generally chip my nails within a few hours and this lasted a solid 24 before even a slight chip showed up; and that was during house cleaning duties. I use Sally Hansen's Diamond Flash Fast Drying Top Coat which probably aided the lack of chipping but the polish underneath always aids the result. 

If you've been looking into the new colour range of these polishes I can highly recommend them as a good investment polish. The more subtle tones would be my next purchase over the brighter ones available. I believe Jess has been eyeing off some of the nude shades.

Have you tried any of the Clinique polishes? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Erin xx

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