Friday, 14 March 2014

Review | Impress Nails in Curtain Call

 Press & Go Manicure in Curtain Call (short length)

Hi lovelies! Now I must confess I have always been a nail biter. Unfortunately it's a habit that I have never managed to grow out of. Whilst every now and then I resolve to let my nails grow out, they never seem to last long. Clearly the years of biting have taken their toll on the strength of my nails. 
When I saw this set discounted by the till (world's best consumer here) I saw an easy solution. I have a few days off work and figured it would be a good time to give these a test run. 

Once you've figured out which nails fit you best the application is relatively simple. Just use the included alcohol wipe to remove any excess oil from the nail beds and stick them on. Personally I found it easier to work inwards on both hands leaving my thumbs until last, 

Despite there being 24 nails in each packet, there are only two of each size. Because of my small nails there were several sizes that were much too big. I would only count on 1 use and then a few replacement nails out of each pack. 

I always have had short nails, and despite purchasing the short length I still found these to be pretty cumbersome. Typing was definitely a challenge as was texting. If you're used to having longer nails however I can't imagine it being a problem. 

The real issue that I have these nails however, is the lasting power. Despite claims on the front of lasting up to week I couldn't get these nails to last the night on me. After following the directions to keep my hands away from water for 30 minutes and being careful with my hands I was surprised when one fell off whilst making a cup of tea. I shrugged it off and found a replacement, but when I woke up this morning another 3 had fallen off. 

Now I wasn't expecting a week's worth of wear out of these, but I did expect them to be able to cope with hand washing and sleeping. The idea of having to carry around extra nails in case of a mishap is too high maintenance for myself.

The only time I can see myself using these nails again is if I have a formal event to attend, and want to have a more polished look than my usual nails. For a night these look great, but if you do anything too taxing with your hands they fly right off. 

Have you had better luck with press on manicures? 

Jess x

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