Sunday, 16 March 2014

Life | Flashback Films at Palace Cinemas

Depending on your demographic, there are certain films that came out (either in cinemas or on VHS) in your childhood or teen-dom that you will never forget and bond with your peers over. For me, The Lion King and Matilda were the ones watched endlessly on repeat; a shared obsession for my brother and I. However, I can happily say that I can quote and seamlessly remember most lyrics to a big chunk of Disney classics. 

The clever chickens at Palace Cinemas have noticed our generation's penchants for bathing in nostalgia. They created the concept of playing classic movies on weekends over a few months and are now into their second season of Flashback Films. This season is almost half way through so I'm a bit late with this blog post but there are so many good films left to see. 

I saw the 1951 original animation of Alice in Wonderland today and was reminded of how amazingly psychedelic the cartoon is for one aimed at children. After looking through the program I am definitely heading back to see The Little Mermaid, The Adams Family and Aladdin. 

There are Palace Cinemas all over Australia so you can catch this festival nationwide. I definitely recommend going because watching your favourite childhood classics on the big screen is incomparable to watching them alone at night on your laptop (like I've been doing for many years). 

Hope you've all had a great weekend!
Erin xx

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