Friday, 24 January 2014

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 Dress Thrifted / Socks Thrifted / Shoes UNIF 'Lost Sole' Boots

Hi lovelies! It's funny the things you find in thrift stores. Back at the start of summer I was set on finding a checked button up maxi dress. I even spent over $100 on one from UNIF but the fit wasn't quite right so I returned it. 

Then my obsession turned to a dress from Tree of Life, this one again wasn't cheap at around $80. Alas I couldn't find it in store so it went unpurchased. 

This week I happened to go thrifting and stumbled upon this beautiful cheese cloth checked dress for the measly sum of $4.50. 

My cravings for a checked maxi have been satisfied, and for a lot cheaper than I was expecting. Thrifting can be a bit daunting when you first start but I am planning series with all my tips and tricks. 

What has been your best second-hand bargain lately?

Jess x

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