Wednesday, 22 January 2014

At Home | Candles Haul

After receiving two candles for Christmas, I have accumulated a few more to add to my previously depleted collection. What I most enjoy about these candles is that they are all made form natural products; soy and coconut. Previously being dissatisfied with other candles being too sooty these are absolutely perfect. 

I am currently burning my way through the ChoppyK Coconut Wax candle. The candle is not solid after burning (hence the glass container) and pressing into it will create dints and finger prints even before burning. After burning the candle tends not to set again and the coconut wax will move around quite freely. I think this could easily frustrate people but I can enamoured with the subtly sweet coconut aroma. Having not used a candle of this nature before I am uncertain of the burn time but I will keep you posted if it varies from the norm.

The other candles are all soy based. I received the English Lavender one by TakingShape from my mum and after smelling it compulsively for a long time hopped online and bought all of their other fragrances, conveniently on Christmas clearance. I haven't burnt the other two scents but am quite excited to try the Pomegranate and Vanilla. Whilst staying with my parents in Ballan I was introduced to Nics Creative Concepts by my mum at their local markets. She has some beautiful stone encrusted feature size candles but travelling necessitated that I get one in a tin. 

One of my favourite things about these natural candles is that the oil produced while they burn is totally reusable. It makes a great moisturiser (soy and coconut oils are very nourishing) and I've even taken to applying it to the ends of my hair after I straighten it to stop the ends from fraying in the current humidity. 

Have you discovered the amazing world of soy candles? I am so taken with these natural candles and their beautiful scents. 

Erin xx

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